Install Google Chrome Without Google's Pushy Updater

Windows only: Google has gotten in the bad habit lately of requiring you to install Google Updater to download any of its desktop apps, but if you're not keen on the required Updater install (and want to try Chrome), try the Google Chrome Standalone installer. It downloads a full "offline" installation package for Chrome. The downside: It won't automatically update when Google Updater pushes out new versions of Chrome. But don't worry, we'll keep you updated. Alternately, check out previously mentioned Portable Chrome if you'd like to carry Chrome on your thumb drive. [Google Chrome Standalone Installer via Google Operating System]


    I dislike the stealth installation of anything, and most especially of a service: My admittedly passive-aggressive solution:
    1. Change Google update service to Manual
    2. Find the folder containing googleupdate.exe, (\Program Files\Google\Update) and rename it to "Update_not".

    #2 above results in the error message "update server not available (error: 3)", and no automatic updates occur.

    When I *want* to check for an update, I rename the Update folder back to its original, and Chrome updates itself just fine. Then I repeat step 2.

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