How Have You Modified The GTD System To Fit Your Needs?

For all the GTD fundamentalists, there are lots of tinkerers out there who have modified the system to suit their needs. If you're among the latter, we want to hear how you've tweaked GTD.

Over at the life management blog WHAKATE, they've put up a lengthy post about what is wrong with GTD. They illustrate their point by showing how there are many spin offs of GTD like Leo Babauta's Zen to Done system, indicating the original GTD system is ripe for change and modification. Regardless of whether or not that is because the system is need of fixing, it does highlight how people have taken the core of GTD and modified it to fit their own needs. We want to hear from you, Lifehacker readers who have adopted GTD and then tweaked the system to fit. What have you done? What parts were worth keeping? What parts never quite fit into your workflow? Even if you read the book and took away nothing more from it than the importance of capturing all your thoughts with notecards or a pocket notebook, we want to hear from you! Photo by orangeacid.


    Great topic! As minos001 pointed out, I continue to simplify and extend Allen's original work. Here are a few related posts:

    A Daily Planning Experiment: Two Weeks Of Accountable Rigorous Action

    Extreme GTD: How Low Can You Go (or: Can We 80-20 GTD?)

    10 GTD "holes" (and How To Plug Them)

    o Hard to sustain
    o Not enough help with doing
    o One big list too overwhelming
    o Too brittle
    o Too complex
    o No time use analysis
    o No built-in balance
    o Not goal-driven
    o No built in planning/task estimation
    o No specific accommodation of personality types



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