How Are You Finding The New Look Facebook?

How Are You Finding The New Look Facebook?

NewFacebook.jpg It doesn’t seem that long ago since Facebook’s major redesign caused so much controversy, but now the social networking giant is at it again, with a slightly refined design which looks like nothing so much as a Twitter clone (right down to the “What’s on your mind?” prompt). Current posts from friends are now emphasised, which I like better than the messy previous tabbed status updates options. On the other hand, the changes aren’t likely to switch me away from Twitter, which I use to update Facebook as it is. What do you think of the new design? A welcome relief? Too little too late? You want the old one back? Share in the comments.


  • I haven’t had the (pleasure?) to see the new facebook. Has it been rolled out for everyone? It still says ‘what are you doing at the moment’.

  • I guess these changes are being rolled out slowly as well… haven’t seen a change to my profile yet.

    But personally, I don’t think the current layout works at all – I find it hard to follow sometimes. So I welcome any new change that introduces a little more clarity.

  • I was really looking forward to this new update, however I can’t seem to get it to arrive on my screen. I’m still stuck with the old boring Facebook!
    Anyone know if they’re rolling it out slowly or…is my page just buggy?

  • Honestly, I think Facebook have taken it all a little too far. The new look is, I think, more cluttered.

    The real time updates are great, sort’ve… too bad if you miss something though, from a friend who doesn’t post so much because friends that do are now taking center stage!

    On the RHS is a column promoting all sorts of other applications within FB, combined with ‘friends you might know’, events, photo albums and other stuff. Its noisy, messy and worst of all, users can’t affect what displays there.

    Event invitations and other requests that used to appear top right in a convenient/easy to spot location, now appear in a line above the news feed. Another unwelcome and unneeded visual change that actually makes the information harder to read/find.

    Wall posts between friends in your news feed are less obvious as well, since there have been changes to how that looks too – which they could’ve left as it was!!

    And on your own profile page, if you update your profile more than you have other people writing on your wall, then you end up with your own profile photo in thumbnail size repeated in a long line for each status update you make!

    Overall, I prefer the old one… which was much more user centric.

  • the new facebook layout is rubbish.

    the live feeds update is better, but you’ve lost the feeds preferences so you can’t set how much of what sort of news you want, or from who.

    also, there is a load of rubbish “highlights” which you can;t get rid of

    protest ! tell facebook to put it back – put it back now!

  • It seems a whole lot better than the old layout, and the one before that, especially in how pages (those who have updated to the new layout) work. They had me a lil worried when they changed the pages, cause at first they didnt work well, but with the new layout overall its improved.

    Only problem is there is still alot of bugs/issues with it, but hopefully they’ll get ironed out over the next week or so.

    I’ve never used twitter so I dunno the similarities, but I have never seen the point of it considering I can do (from what I know) all that twitter does with Facebook already.

  • I got the new design when I checked this morning. Don’t like it at all! I thought the old redesign was a major improvement as it got rid of all those annoying boxes and applications people had on their profile pages making it easier to find their wall…but this one just makes everything more confusing 🙁

  • I’m liking the new facebook. It’s far easier to navigate through. Also liking how the seperation from the status updates and the posted updates are done.


  • It’s being rolled out slowly. I have friends that don’t have it yet, but I do.

    I don’t like it. Find that I’m having to scroll too much. The previous one was better.

  • Utterly awful. It’s taken me from being a very active and regular Facebook user to zero usage in the space of three days.

    If I want Twitter, I know where to find it. I used Facebook because it was Facebook, not Twitter. Now I’ll just use Twitter and cut out the middleman.

  • The previous changes were, for the most part, a big improvement.

    This batch of changes is not. Visually it’s more cluttered. More important, though, user control has been reduced to nearly zero. You can “remove” (or hide) people from your News Feed. That’s about it. I recall a time where there were slider-style controls in settings, which allowed you to say: I want my News Feed to contain more status updates and more notes but fewer relationship changes news and fewer videos (for example). In other words, not just controlling *who* you see, but what *kinds* of things you want to read about.

    And as others have said, I want to have some say in what or who I consider a “highlight”. If it’s just decided on sheer numbers (numbers of reactions/comments, for example) then the quiet person with a small friend base whose posts and activities I really look forward to (and consider “highlights”) might never show up.

    I’m also annoyed that friends’ “activity” no longer seems show up on the general News Feed. You now have to visit individual profiles to see that so-and-so has joined a group or is now friends with someone or has posted something on Typepad.

  • I don’t like it. They seem to have taken away or hidden many of the important navigation links to make more space for the spammy “wall” feature, which I’ve found to be one of the least useful parts of Facebook, second only to Applications.

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