Hide The Sidebar Clutter In Gmail

Firefox with Greasemonkey: If you love GMail but you're not a big fan of all the things cluttering up the sidebar like the chat box and the invite friends button, excise them. The lengthily named Gmail 3: Hide Labels, Chat, Invite Friend & Footer does just what the title implies. Once you install the Greasemonkey script it hides all those elements when you are using GMail. If you don't use them and want a more spartan interface, the result is quite pleasing. Unfortunately, and I couldn't tell you if it's the way that GMail groups the elements or the way the Greasemonkey script is written, there is no easy way to edit the script to remove everything but the labels. Obviously a deal breaker if part of your Gmail-fu revolves around your masterful labelling. Gmail 3: Hide Labels, Chat, Invite Friend & Footer works wherever Firefox does, Greasemonkey required. Thanks Kyle Pott!


    That's something interesting if you can hide the labels. I will surely try this.

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