Has iTunes 8.1 Wrecked Your Burner? Here’s A Possible Fix

Has iTunes 8.1 Wrecked Your Burner? Here’s A Possible Fix

When Apple rolled out iTunes 8.1 a fortnight ago, we noted right off the bat that some early adopters were experiencing issues with using the Genius feature. Now there seems to be a more worrying bug for Windows users. On some machines, iTunes 8.1 is no longer able to burn to otherwise functional drives, and in some cases can’t even read discs from that drive. A long support thread on Apple’s own site identifies one potential fix via a registry edit to disable device filters, although many of the users on the thread are reporting that it hasn’t helped either. But if iTunes has gone haywire on your drive, it’s probably worth following the suggested steps to see if that maes any difference. If you have any other wisdom to impart on this problem, share in the comments below. (Me, I’m unimpressed that merely checking the ‘About’ dialogue in 8.1 crashed my copy of iTunes, but then I’ve always thought it was way too buggy for something with that much market share.)


  • LOL… do we need ANY more proof to the fact that you NEVER EVER EVER update or purchase ANYTHING that Apple does until it’s been tested by the beta testers… I mean PAYING CUSTOMERS, then apple (usually) pushed out it’s fixes or hardware revs.

    Can only imagine the millions of people with messed up mobile phones come June…
    I’m waiting until the end of footy season before even THINKING about 3.0 on my iPhone. In fact really it’s gotta be 3.1, and even then it will probably need to be 3.1.2 before they fix the “ooops” mistakes from 3.0 and 3.1

    Think I’m being a flamer, and a hater… nup, just a customer who’s been burnt far too many times over the years. I’ve learnt my lesson and am happy to let the fanboi’s fork out mega cash to beta test for apple. I’ll come in later and benefit from thier efforts. Thanks guys…

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