Google Street View Expands Australian Coverage

PortLincolnStation.jpg The coverage of Google Street View in Australia was already pretty comprehensive when it rolled out last August, but the search giant is continuing to expand its reach. The Google Australia blog says that a recent update has added extra coverage around Port Lincoln, Tweed Heads, Cairns - and a few more areas of a little city called Sydney. Street View is never likely to cover 100% of the population, but compared with many more populous countries, including the US and the UK, Australia seems to be doing pretty well (or pretty badly if you see the whole thing as a horrendous intrusion on privacy).


    I wonder if they'll ever update satellite imagery.

    What street view knows that the satellite can't see (that building has been there for at least 2 years)...,144.962599&spn=0,359.997624&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=-37.818859,144.962627&panoid=y6LyPlK_zF49uHctEA93_w&cbp=12,8.83921922864757,,1,12.448002467862834

    the link to the expanded streetview should be to rather than the August 2008 lifehacker article when streetview first released

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