Google Has A Semi-Secret Stand-Alone Task Manager

Google Blogoscoped found a strangely unguarded task manager lurking on Google's servers, similar to Gmail's task widget but with a more keyboard-friendly, single-focus design. It might be a fluke one-off, or a nifty feature-in-progress. There's not a whole lot to the webapp right now—you can create tasks, nest tasks inside others with the Tab key, set due dates and add notes, and arrange everything using shortcuts. Your lists (or at least one primary list) syncs up to the to-do managers in Gmail and the iGoogle gadget. Would you use a (presumably more developed) stand-alone task manager, or do you like your to-dos in a sidebar or on your desktop?


    For a standalone Google Tasks app for your PC that provides Google Tasks inside an application window, check out taskalone at

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