Fumzup Helps Choose Credit Cards And Bank Accounts

Fumzup.jpg Getting minimal interest rates on credit cards and maximum rates on savings accounts makes good financial sense, but ploughing through bank sites is a tedious task. Fumzup automates the process of finding credit cards, savings accounts and term deposits by letting you specify key features you like using the familiar tag cloud approach, ranking the importance of those features, and then showing relevant products. There seems to be a good selection of major banks and other institutions on offer, and the interface is mostly straightforward, though the process of ranking features could be a little better designed. For a somewhat similar take on choosing real-world goods, check out My Perfect; for a more conventional search of finance products, look at previously mentioned Mozo. Fumzup is free to use, requires registration to save results.


    FumZup has Dated Information. I looked up for a Savings account and it said they were all about 5% but then you click on the Info link and the BANKS tell you it's only 4%. It has been like this for Two months now, If FumZup wants to be taken seriously it needs to have current information.

    I found it cumbersome to use. It seems you must select options in the left column as well.

    Link to Mozo doesn't seem to work

    Site has potential. Not real user friendly though as it sits.

    I've just been using the site and have to agree with Aaron (cumbersome to use) and slow as a wet week.

    Thank you to the folks who commented here. Your views matched the findings of a wider usability survey we conducted.

    We have now relaunched the site with an entirely new interface. Easier to navigate, more intuitive, faster to find what you want. We still have much work to do, but we think its a big step forward and we hope you agree.

    We invite you to pay another visit (www.fumzup.com.au) and please let us know your thoughts.

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