Foxmarks Becomes Xmarks, Adds Search And Suggestion Features

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): One of our favourite Firefox extensions dropped two letters and added a few neat features. Xmarks, Foxmarks' successor, is Firefox only right now, but plans to soon be your go-anywhere hive brain for bookmarks. Launching from the DEMO '09 conference today, Xmarks is, from the users' viewpoint, just a re-branding and incremental upgrade for Firefox users. In fact, existing Foxmarks users don't have to install anything new, as Xmarks appears as just an upgrade to their existing add-on. But the Fox/Xmarks team has thrown in a few neat new features to its already-great system for keeping your bookmarks (and, on Firefox, passwords) synchronised across browsers and computers. If I'm reading the releases right, the big goal is to get most, if not all, of this functionality into Internet Explorer and Safari, and soon. That'd be a major step toward the never-ending dilemma of syncing bookmarks across all browsers. Xmarks is a free download, works wherever Firefox does. IE and Safari users (on Windows), check out the cross-platform Foxmarks for a mostly-similar tool. Digging the new Xmarks name, look, and search features? Annoyed at having another tool glom onto your Google results? Sound off in the comments.


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