Firefox 3.1 Bumped To 3.5 To Reflect Many Changes

Firefox 3.1 Bumped To 3.5 To Reflect Many Changes

According to Mozilla Links, Firefox 3.1—the next iteration of Firefox that we’ve all be waiting for—will be released as Firefox 3.5 instead. Why?

The version bump aims to reflect more accurately the many changes introduced since the release of Firefox 3.0, the latest major release, last summer. These includes several changes to tabbed browsing, significant improvements to web standards compatibility, a deeply enhanced JavaScript engine, and several new privacy related [features]including an all new private mode that allows users to clear all their browsing activities at the end of a session.

Mozilla’s currently got a third beta in the works, and it will retain the 3.1 version number when it’s released; a fourth beta will be released before we get to see the official Firefox 3.5. [Mozilla Links]


  • For me its a question of speed. I changed to Chrome from Firefox simply because its way faster. Sure I miss the Firefox Add Ins, especially the ad blocker. Hopefully the next version of Firefox will match the speed of Chrome and I can change back. Otherwise I’ll stick with Chrome and hope someone can come up with some decent add ins for it.

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