Enable Readability Statistics For Office Documents

The Corporate Geek weblog walks through enabling and using the readability statistics feature in Microsoft Word and Outlook—so you can get quick feedback on how easy your writing style is for others to digest.Enabling the feature is as simple as checking "Show readability statistics" in the options panel and using the F7 key—after the spell check is complete, Word or Outlook will show you a dialog with word counts and the readability scores. If you don't have the time to take some free writing courses, this utility could really come in handy to improve the quality of your writing. Hit the link for the full walk-through.


    If you're writing online, the readability test tool can check your page/blog post.

    BTW: Do you know what tools there are available in iWork for the Mac users amongst us?

    I just found this stand-alone word counter app for Macs: http://www.supermagnus.com/mac/Word_Counter/index.html. I haven't used it much yet. It took me a second to find the other windows - for readability statistics, etc. - under the Windows menu. Other than that, it looks like it'll do what I need it to.

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