eBay Will Retain Community Discussion Board

eBay Will Retain Community Discussion Board

ebay.gifNot long after Lifehacker posted about imminent changes to eBay Australia’s discussion boards, we got an email from the company’s PR wallahs. The good news? Next week’s redesign of the discussion boards will include a general discussion board for non eBay-topics, branded “Community Spirit”. That’s a welcome development for eBay chat enthusiasts, although only time will tell how closely monitored discussions on that new board prove to be.


  • Hilarious how companies come up with these stupid names in the hope of egging customers towards being happy and joyful about the company’s products. “Community spirit” … feh. I think eBay will find out soon enough exactly what the nature of the “community spirit” among eBay customers is.

  • I suspect that they are hoping there may be some “happy talk” on this “community” board, for surely if the monitors had to read only eBay-related postings, the overwelming negativity of same could be seriously detrimental to their mental health. Unfortunately, the inane “white noise” chatter that otherwise inhabits these forums on non-eBay matters is never likely to give any joy to anyone with an IQ above 50; so maybe eBay will get some joy therefrom.

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