eBay Launches AFL And NRL Footy Tipping Comps

eBayTipping.jpgSpending time working out the week's footy tips hardly qualifies as a productivity boost, but the new footy tipping site launched by eBay does have one advantage over the traditional office sweepstakes: a top prize of $5,000. eBay is running tipping competitions for both the NRL and AFL; you need to be a registered eBay user (and have PayPal to get the prizes), but that isn't likely to cut out very many of your colleagues. If you've got a preferred site for setting up the office tipping frenzy, share details in the comments.


    oh man....www.footytips.com.au is way easier to use and setup an office tipping comp.

    Personally, you can't go past the footytips.com.au site. Easy to use, great for running comps and it has my tipping history since 2003. Its the bomb!

    have been trying for weeks to enter into the ebay footy (afl) tipping without success, now got this far. but still website wont let me register or register. very poor this yar was ok last year.wont allow me to click in andregister

    cant register for NRL footytips 2012

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