eBay Finally Switching My eBay Interface (Probably)

ebay.gifIt's already been delayed once, but eBay Australia is this week planning to force all users to migrate to the new version of the My eBay interface. Its official announcement says the process "might take a few days to complete". The change hasn't showed up yet in my eBay account, which still includes the option to "opt out" back into the old version. Liking or loathing the new version? Tell your story in the comments.


    eBay won't be happy till all their users are un-happy !!! The FORCED MY EBAY tactics are beyond belief .. Lets see, eBay believes that the customer is always right!!, But that's only in the case where it's your customer with buyers remorse or stealing your item & money with phoney item not recieve or significantly not as described, But when its their customer, the eBay seller who is the one that pays all the bills on eBay, They can go pound salt in cases such as the BS new my eBay that is so clunky & deathly slow & hard to read .. in that case eBay is the be all end all in who knows best for what you want or need .. Allan kraig

    Have a look at trademe.co.nz for an auction interface that works, is attractive, easy to use and, well, works.

    I don't know why the other sites haven't copied their success.

    Is there any way to roll back to the old version? I have been forced on the new version and its absolutely horrible - I even emailed and told them that!

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