DocJax Finds And Previews Documents On The Web

Sure, Google can search by file type, and even preview some files as HTML. But DocJax is built for just the docs, ma'am, and offers a more robust preview of everything it finds. DocJax understands most of the search box tricks you learned over at that other, dominant engine, so outlook would return all the PDF, XLS, DOC, and PPT documents it found on the Redmond giant's web space. From your first search, you can narrow by file type using the links in the upper-right corner of the results. DocJax uses the Scribd iPaper tool we were digging on as an alternative to launching and re-launching your PDF reader, and it offers a lot clearer results and viewing options than a Google HTML conversion. DocJax is free to use, no sign-up required. Tell us a great use for DocJax, or your other preferred document finder, in the comments.

Comments knows, like many, that Google allows you to filter search results by certain parameters, among them being “filetype:” – but, the site took the ability to a new level with its release and the announcement of its functionality.

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