Display a List Of Just Subdirectories

Display a List Of Just Subdirectories
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Linux, Mac, or Windows with Cygwin: If you have ever wanted to show a list of subdirectories underneath the current directory while at the terminal prompt, there’s a simple command that can help. Simply run the following command from the bash terminal prompt, which filters the file listing to only show folders:

ls -l | grep ^d

Since typing that whole command every time you want to show a list of directories might get a little tiring, you can use the alias feature to assign it to something you can more easily remember:

alias lsd="ls -l | grep ^d"

Now when you type “lsd” at the prompt, you will see a list containing only the directories, which can be very useful when you are trying to navigate through a messy set of folders. For more on using the command prompt, check out our top 10 command line tools, get your own drop-down Yakuake terminal, or learn to use cron from the command line.


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