Commonwealth NetBank Swarms Onto Mobile Phones, Still Needs SMS

CommBankMobile.jpgThe experience of accessing banking sites on a mobile phone is often highly variable, so we'll be interested to see how the Commonwealth Bank's new mobile banking site, which claims to work on "any internet enabled mobile phone", works in practice. One minor restriction: you have to be registered for the bank's SMS security system before you're allowed to use the mobile platform. Aside from the expected balance checking and funds transfer features, one sensible option is to search for the nearest ATM (driven by Google Maps).


    looks like an clean and easy to use application on the iPhone.

    Looks good - just gave it a quick test run in firefox on my laptop (using the net on my phone simply costs too much still).

    The only gripe I have is transfers. With the normal webpage, the available funds for the account you're transfering from is displayed, and in the case of linked accounts, the to transfer to account's balance also. However, on the mobile version, when entering how much to transfer, it does not show the amount available.

    The reason I have an issue with this is that I only ever use netbank on my mobile to transfer funds from my internet-access-only account (with high interest) to my normal access-anywhere account (with next to no interest) when I'm out and about so I can earn interest on my money.

    (I used to use the normal internet web page on my phone with little to no problems)

    Otherwise, it's a nice slimmed down utility which should come in handy in the future.

    My K850i says communication error when i try to get to the secure section of the site :(

    I really dislike the Commonwealth Netbank "NetCode SMS" security thing. It's just an extra hoop to jump through that I'm convinced I don't need (I could go on, but it's whole other discussion for another time ...). I have it turned off, and don't want to turn it on just to use their mobile interface.

    I needed to access my Commonwealth account from my Android-based smartphone the other day, and found I couldn't do it from the default browser since Netbank detects the User-Agent and redirects to the mobile version of the site which requires the NetCode SMS feature to login. The trick was to use the alternative browser "Steel", which allows you to change the User-Agent to "Desktop" (or "iPhone") .. I could then log in to the regular desktop interface, which is a little unwieldy, but I could do what I needed to do. There are probably similar User-Agent hacks for other smartphones. I wish they'd just dump the NetCode SMS requirement altogether, since I'd much rather use the mobile optimised site.

    I'm liking the new mobile netbank so much it has replaced the regular site on my PC/Mac bookmarks also. It has none of the bloat introduced in the past few netbank "upgrades". NICE!

    Looks like a nice interface... transferring funds is fairly quick and easy on the iphone, and I like the initial summary screen (minimalistic, yet gives me all the info I need)

    As a follow up to my previous comment, it looks like they've put the current balance in all the places where linked accounts are shown, which is good.

    However, over the last week or so, the "Mobile" version has been considerably slower to access and use than the full-featured version.

    Accessing the full-featured version on my Sony Ericsson K810i means a botched interface and more KBs, but it's quicker and HAS LESS PAGES. That last point is important.

    Good idea, done bad, I think.

    Logged into the website using my new HTC Desire which runs Android 2.1.

    Everything works ok so far.

    I like the interface... the home screen is very good giving summary of all account.

    Transfer is pretty fast on the Telstra NextG network

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