BigPond Outage Across NSW, Victoria

BigPondLogo.jpgTelstra-owned BigPond is Australia's largest ISP, which means that its glitches tend to affect more people than anyone else. Suzanne Tindal at ZDNet reports that a number of NSW and Victorian customers were left without access to email and other services over the weekend, though Telstra claims those services were due to be restored by Monday evening. Have you been hit by the outage? Is it still a problem? Share your experience in the comments.


    In Epping, NSW on BigPond Cable - no problems at 10:39am.

      no intermet access since last wed aug 1st Bigpond say it will still be 48 hours before we are possibly online again , disgraceful service Lavington nsw

    Ah, so that's what the issue was. My parents are with bigpond and their internet was pwned.

    I was affected - Wollongong NSW, fixed Monday about 5pm

    "Is it still a problem? Share your experience in the comments."

    If it was still a problem, it's going to be a bit hard for them to share their experiences in the comments...

    *ignoring mobile internet and the like*

    Unable to access Bigpond Email morning of 9 December 2011 and still out (24 hours later)! After waiting on line for 50 minutes to Telstra this morning to be advised "unknown repair time". Would you not think they could put a recorded message on their phone line???????????????

    I have spent one hour last night and two this morning trying to fix my modem, settings, switch on and off etc. Now I find it is not my problem, but Bigponds. Then I check some blogs, and find that multi day outages occur frequently, with the last being March.
    This is not good enough.

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