Better Gmail 2 Fixes Now Available

Google rolled out some changes to the HTML that runs Gmail in the last few days that rendered several of Better Gmail 2‘s features completely busted. (Yes, that’s the technical term). So I just posted a quick fix-it version, which includes changes from the very speedy and helpful Arend von Reinersdorff. (Arend is responsible for Better Gmail 2’s most popular features, Folders4Gmail and Hide Spam Count, and I know-because users flip out the moment they stop working. Thanks, Arend.) Sadly I had to remove several scripts which have not yet been updated to work with Gmail’s new markup, namely Add Row Highlights, Hide Chat, and Hide Invites Box. If you’re a CSS jockey willing to take a look at getting those styles working again, many people would be very grateful. Post a comment if you do. In the meantime, download the new fix-it version from Better Gmail 2’s homepage or just by using the “Find Updates” button on Firefox’s Add-on manager. Thanks for your patience with the broken features the last couple of days.

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

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