Avira AntiVir Updates To Version 9, Adds Spyware Removal

Windows only: Avira AntiVir is one of the most popular antivirus applications available, and the latest upgrade to version 9—which adds anti-spyware and anti-adware features to the free version—makes it that much better. Anti-spyware and anti-adware support are nothing new to paid users, but if you've been enjoying the free version of AntiVir, it's always nice to get a few more features. If you've been using Avira up until now, the new download probably won't look all that different, but the new under-the-hood features will obviously be a welcome addition. Head on over to CNET for a more detailed look at the new features. Avira AntiVir is a free download for Windows only; the premium version costs $US26 and throws in email scanning, rescue CD creation, and a few more features.


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