Australians Like Mobile Internet, Still Don’t Want To Pay For It

Australians Like Mobile Internet, Still Don’t Want To Pay For It

SmallBlackBerryBold.jpgA new survey confirms two obvious facts about mobile Internet in Australia: people are using it more, but still think it costs too much. According to the 2008 Worldwide Mobile Data Service Study (which included 2000 Australians in its panel), 61% of Australians have used information services in their phone over the last month, while 49% have visited a web site on their phone. One weird stat from the release: “Sixty-four per cent of Australian respondents were willing to pay more than $10 per month for unlimited mobile data access, up from zero per cent the previous year.” The question itself is wishful thinking, since there’s absolutely no-one in Australia offering unlimited (mobile phone Internet access at anywhere near that price, unlike the US where it’s the market norm). Any telco feel like stepping up? Thought not.


  • Actually some Optus Blackberry plans do include unlimited internet & email. I’m on the BlackBerry $79 Cap and I use mobile internet fairly intensively.

  • Adding a data plan to standard calling plans is an option. I get 1gb per month for $15 with virgin which covers all my needs (though speed over optus isn’t the best)

  • I can tell you this .. the first carrier to offer a reasonable amount of free data on a cap plan will quickly gain a large share of the market. Might I suggest 200mb free on any cap $49.00 and above?

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