Apple's New Macs: Not Much Chop In The Price Department

MacMini.jpgApple's relase of new iMac and Mac mini models today is bound to generate lots of enthusiastic commentary. What I can't help immediately noticing is that despite the frequent suggestion that Macs have got more affordable, these are all still more expensive than Windows boxes. To take a single example: the new Mac mini (2.0GHZ Core 2 Duo, 1GB of memory, 120GB drive) is $1,049. For less than that ($999), you could pick up a Dell Studio notebook with twice the memory, more drive space and a 15.4 inch display (and a desktop would be even cheaper). Sure, you could argue that comparisons aren't fair because of design or reliability or an extra Firewire port or whatever, but the general conclusion seems to hold across the range: for the same amount of money, your Windows box will have more grunt.

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    1mb of memory! wow. macs really have progressed....

    It's definitely true that you can buy/build a machine that would be much faster for a cheaper price. However, if like me, you're wanting a new mac mini for a media centre machine, the size and form factor for a machine with spdif, a remote and dvi can't be beaten.

    Another consideration is noise. A media pc should be SILENT. Any machine you build yourself is likely to be a jet engine unless you spend a lot more money.

    Why not compare the Mac Mini to the Dell Studio Hybrid desktop
    which would be the best competitor? It costs $999 and that
    doesn't include delivery, which will at least make up the

    The Dell does have a 160GB HD and 2GB RAM, but the Mac has OSX
    instead of Vista.

    Comparing the Mini to regular desktops is like comparing a
    netbook to a cheap regular notebook. Size and form factor
    are worth something.


    Fixed now.

    no point comparing windows boxes with macs as they can't run the software I want to use (final cut studio/ motion/ shake) I don't really care that you can get a pc cheaper, what use is a pc anyway?

    Hardly mainstream apps those, though. (Nor would I imagine many people would run Final Cut Studio on a Mini!)

    I get the point about more power but, you discount the excellent ilife product with significant features that ...just work. Buy a cheap windows box and add on all the extras and then compare.
    I switched 10 months ago after being a PC guy for over 25 years & I have had ZERO problems.
    If some people prefer cheap thats ok. I just prefer my computers to work.

    The pricing sucks regardless. In the US they brought the price of the iMacs down. Here they pushed it up by $500 (for the cheapest machine) and now it has integrated graphics!

    And after 1.5 years since the last MAc Mini update you'd also hope for something more impressive than what's been delivered a few extra ports, speed bump and better integrated graphics. Great.

    I know people often expect the world from Apple updates and are complain when they don't feature bleeding edge tech, but, aside from the whizzbang 2.93Ghz 15" macBook Pro option, this round was really, really disappointing. So much for "innovating our way through the recession". More like sit on our backsides and release products that are six months old already....

    I agree that Australian Apple hardware pricing blows.

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