AddressBookSync Adds Facebook Friend Photos To Your Address Book Contacts

Mac OS X only: Free application AddressBookSync pulls contact photos and birthdays from your Facebook account and syncs them with Address Book, so you'll always nice photos assigned to your contacts (and hopefully never miss another birthday). Once upon a time we covered a very cool app called FacebookSync that could sync all of your Facebook friends' profile info—including address and phone number—into your Address Book. The folks at Facebook killed that app for violating their Terms of Service, but apparently AddressBookSync's limited photo-and-birthday information pull is within the bounds of acceptable use. Since nearly everyone you know is on Facebook these days, AddressBookSync's photo synchronisation alone is a fun and worthwhile feature.I was looking at an iPhone app earlier today called Photo Phonebook (iTunes link) that offers another seemingly smooth solution to this problem (it syncs Facebook profile pics with your iPhone contacts), but unfortunately it requires way more hoop jumping than it's worth. AddressBookSync on the other hand is a simple, free download, Mac OS X only. Got your own, perhaps better method of getting pics assigned to your contacts? Let's hear it in the comments.


    Fonebook ( is a Windows-based tool which synchronises details (including contact photo) from Facebook to Outlook. From the site:
    "The application currently copies a contacts photo, profile web address, about me details, status details and if you are using Outlook 2007 their birthday."

    I've found a neat program, for iPhone anyway, called FeX, or Facebook Exchange.
    Does much the same thing, syncs your friend's photos with their contact entry in your iPhone (and as well as that, your Outlook/Google/Mac OSX whatever the alternative is lists as well) and does the same with their birthdays.
    Costs a few dollars on the App Store, but well worth it. For me initial setu just asks for a one time login pass/access authorisation and then it's smooth sailing from there.

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