Windows 7 Seemingly Blocks Audio Capture

Windows 7 Seemingly Blocks Audio Capture

One rather feisty (and—surprise!—Linux-savvy) Slashdot reader writes about his DRM discoveries in Windows 7. Along with complaints about seemingly big-software-friendly firewall access and registration DLLs, the author’s chief discovery is that Windows 7 doesn’t allow for any kind of software audio capture. In other words, if you’ve got one application playing sound, Windows 7 doesn’t seem to allow you to use your same sound card to also grab the audio from that app.

Windows 7 testers, are you seeing similar findings? I don’t trust my ThinkPad’s built-in sound to be a reliable testing rig, so let us know if you’re also blocked from in-system recording in the comments.


  • I was trying to get this working yesterday so that I could stream the same audio from my computer to the Xbox for a party. I have AC’97 onboard audio and this did not work with the inbuilt windows 7 drivers, however once I installed the AC’97 drivers it worked like a charm.
    This guy must be wrong, or just talking about it being disabled in the inbuilt windows 7 audio drivers. I also saw somewhere that microsoft are discouraging sound card manufacturers from adding this capability, but I dont think they are actually disallowing it altogether

  • Hmm, the discouraging audio recording from the sound card is most likely to stop DRM crippled audio files being recorded and saved, minus the DRM :S

    DRM does nothing but hurt consumers…

  • Yes, confirmed, Windows 7 built 7000 doesnt allow my Tunebite app to access any part of the sound card whilst it playing a music. Says slot in use, which means to the app doesnt detect any slot at all. It worked well on Windows XP with the same hardware. Just FYI.

  • DRM on Windows 7 is even worse than Vista. There are two services that you can’t stop without ending up with no sound. Audiodg is one and the other begins with M, can’t recall the name. audiodg got a bad rep with Vista due to bugs that casued 100% CPU on many machines back in 2007. Now the bugs are sorted, it still takes 10 to 20% when no sound is playing and no external filters are in use. Plus the M thing takes another 5% or so depending on cores and processor speed. So good old Winamp 2.6 which used to run 2 to 3% on Windows 2000 or XP can take 20% or more running on Windows 7. Then theres the video ram sharing problem that sort of showed its head in Vista but is now endemic. It allocates 20 to 30% of your RAM to video. Yup, RAM, no video memory on the card, not shared memory for a crap on-board video, but real RAM. OK if you got 4 Gigs and 32 bit. Not so OK if you have a 512M card and 2 Gigs. Supposedly that is to run Aero, but I don’t believe that story. I think theres a video DRM hidng in there somewhere. Oh, and forget hardware accelerated sound using your sound cars processor. its all in software now for what I can see.

    Last real quibble is if you know your comntrol panels well, then be prepared for alearning curve and get out a dictionary of expletives, ’cause it will take you a month to find them. They’re “hidden” behind the new style made-for-moronic-grandmothers, screen-guzzling panels .A real PITA this one. Tip: look for an ‘Advanced’ link. A little line somewhere.

    Search indexing is slow as hell even if you turn off the content indexing. After a day it still couldn’t find stuff I wanted. Tip: Turn off the search feature altogether. In fact turn off all the other features while you’re on. None are useful. For the search, I rescued locate32 search engine from my XP/Software install dir. That indexed the file names and paths of 500 Gigs and a couple of hundred thousand files in less time than it took to make a coffee. About 2 minutes. I dont care about content indexing, I jusy want to find files fast. Even indexed 40 DVDs I keep old stuff on, but if you look for porn its not there, I made a special index file for that which isn’t normally loaded. Can’t do that in Windows search, it seems to be all or nothing. As usual not much user choice.

    Pity ’cause W7 runs pretty good, even with Aero, on low spec machines, say 1 core 2.4 gigs processor, medium speed vid 128 or 256 meg video card card and 1.5 gigs. But there’s a terrible price to pay.

    Too much for me. 2003 server licenses are running at at around $50 now, so I just ordered 20. Those will keep me and mine running until 2015. By that time the DRM should be goneable. the bugs mostly fixed, the control panels hacks available, the RAM guzzling hacked. Should be good for my next upgrade then. Sigh!

    Sorry MS, you missed your chance here. Its just not enough. Lots of glitter, but, when you look under the hood, its a Lada engine, ugly and wasteful.

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