What Are Your Biggest Windows Annoyances?

What Are Your Biggest Windows Annoyances?

After a weekend spent setting up a new Windows computer, rebooting 147 times, and applying all sorts of hacks to make the system usable, non-stop incarnations of the Blue Screen of Death are a fine reward. Aww shucks, is that for me? The whole experience reminded me that Windows can be seriously annoying, and while we’ve previously written about fixing Windows Vista annoyances, we wanted to throw it out to the readers and see if we can find some of the best solutions to your most common irritations. So let’s have it in the comments: What are your biggest irritations, annoyances and frustrations with Windows?


  • I use my computer to run my business. After a decade of using Windows, I got to the point where, because the livelihood of my business depended on it, particularly my email records, I just could afford the financial risk of using Windows for business.

    So I switched to Mac.

    Oh, people, it’s like night and day. The stability and reliability of the Apple Macintosh is something you just need to experience at least once in your life. Plus freedom from viruses and spyware which are business risks.

    Most people do things simply because everyone else does it — and that’s the only reason most people use Windows. You owe it to yourself to use a Mac.

    I switched my parents computer to a Mac, and they’re in their 70’s and they’ve become raving Mac evangelists to their friends.

  • i hate that almost every program i install, it wants to add a startup program/system tray. So after installing 20+ programs, the windows startup takes 5 times as long, everything runs slow, and there is no memory for anything. The only fix is to manually (or with another program) go through a turn everything off and hope things still works after you fiddle.

  • Yes, Windows can be quite the annoyance. Everyone will experience the blue screen of death sometime in their Windows lifetime–I always have Selkie rescue on hand for my business to avoid losing all my data from the Blue Screen of Death…not everyone has the money to upgrade!

  • Clint, to be fair, most software allows you to untick the option to create a Start Menu group, plus that’s not really the fault of Windows!

    Roger, I appreciate your arguments for Mac, and I’ve enjoyed using Apple’s OS from time to time, but I think I should offer an alternate view for the sake of balance πŸ™‚
    Your point on Mac stability is very true. In order for Windows to run at the same stability requires more user knowledge and care. In my experience, bluescreens and bloat tend to occur on the PCs of less experienced users.

    I’ve never had a virus or a bluescreen in XP Pro (other than the deliberate testing of dodgy software in VMs), but I’m an ‘advanced user’ and I can identify the tell-tale signs
    of bloatware and install/remove accordingly.
    Macs are great for people who don’t want to go beyond the ‘it should just work’ philosophy of their OS, but the vast array of software for Windows is what keeps me coming back. Of course, that same advantage also adds risk, because it tends to be a combination of bad software and user inexperience that breaks Windows, not Windows itself!

  • Time. If I had every hour back that I’d lost to reinstalling Windows or updating Windows, I would be well-rested and stress-free. I love the challenge of getting a new Windows machine up and running with anti-virus software before it actually gets infected. What is it now? 12 minutes? I have seven Windows boxes in my house (two in active use) and the same amount of Macs with three in use. I’ve recommended Macs for the last 15 years, and I support an army of family and friends which takes up almost none of my time. I stopped supporting anyone on a Windows box a long time ago. I don’t have the time. If you feel the need, you can dual boot a Mac on Windows, but you’ll find that eventually you don’t go near the Windows install and become one of those Mac faithful who tell everyone how good their computing lives are. Add the iPhone to the mix and you have a Mac in your pocket which you can use to remotely access your own Mac or any of the relo’s Macs when a problem arises. It’s hard not to be smug as a Mac user if you’ve used Windows before. It’s like being raised Catholic and then figuring out that you don’t have to live a life of guilt and suffering just because others choose to. πŸ™‚

    Windows 7 is an improvement, but Microsoft is like Saddam Hussein on South Park…I can change, I can change.

    And finally: Songsmith. While Vista has been broken, Microsoft have had time to birth this monster. πŸ™‚

    Game over dude!

  • When are Microsoft going to understand that most computers have at least 2 hard drives, or 2 partitions these days? Acer have known this for some time and offer their machines with C: drive and a D: drive – usually named “Acer Data” So the “documents and settings” should be easily directed to another drive – not C: Then if you have to re-install the operating system and programs, the data is where you left it!
    I bought a Laptop with Vista and found it very hard to move my docs and everything to D:

  • One of my biggest annoyances is windows in the background automatically coming to the foreground.

    Eg.. you start a copy, then go do other work in a different window. then if it requires a prompt, it comes to the foreground while you’re working. Often times hitting cancel or OK on something you never got a chance to read due to its abrupt interruption of your work

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