Use A Water Bottle To Stop The Next Plane Seat Reclining

Use A Water Bottle To Stop The Next Plane Seat Reclining

If you’re trying to get some PC-related work done on a long-distance flight, it can be a real nuisance when the person in front tries to maximally recline their seat. Blogger Angus Logan came up with a slightly tongue-in-cheek but workable suggestion: brace the seat in front of you using a bottle to reduce the possible reclining angle. As he points out, the bottle in question needs to have straight sides, and there’s no guarantee an officious airline staffer won’t tell you to move said bottle, but if you have to get some work done, it’s presumably worth a try. (Make sure the bottle’s empty when you clear security to avoid liquids dramas.) Check out Logan’s post for other suggestions on how to deal with the reclining challenge.


  • As a frequent flyer,I agree thet the reclining seat in front is a real pain, but as a fare paying passenger, it is their right to recline if they wish.
    The example given above, is yet another example of the “it’s all about me,and who gives a stuff about anyone else.”

    • Just as it is my right as a fare paying passenger to have the same space allotted to me as the passenger in front of me. Why should they occupy some of mine.

  • I agree. There’s nothing worse someone sitting behind you screaming because they don’t like it that you’ve put your seat back.

    Don’t buy the bottle, by an upgrade instead….and grow up!

  • Alright people, calm down. As mentioned, the hack is tongue-in-cheek. Do you really honestly think Angus Logan does this?

    It’s a goof. Nothing to see here…move along.

  • Seeing as the tray is fixed to the seat back and moves with the seat, I fail to see how this could possibly work so no one needs to get their panties in a twist over the human rights of the passenger in front.

  • How about all seats are fixed, less weight per seat means less fuel consumption, which in turn lowers costs to airlines, and less annoyance from disrespectful people that don’t ask or even look back before abruptly banging their seat into small children, or people’s knees, or laptops. What do people think they are these days? Bullies for having a button to push? It is like changing lanes while someone is next to you, pushing them out of their lane.
    One word the world needs to learn is RESPECT.

  • Sorry, but wouldn’t you have to sit your laptop that bit closer to you due to the drink bottle anyway? How would this be any better than having the person in front recline their seat?

  • What I’m wondering is—and I’m surprised no one else brought this up—who the hell has “work to do” on their laptop during a flight? Probably only a rich douchebag who can afford a first class seat, am I right? So why don’t they just fork over a bit more $$ so they have no reason to bitch and moan about what other people are doing. Oh wait, because people LOVE to have someone to bitch and moan about.

  • It may not be why this person did it, but as someone that is 6’10” anything that can keep the seat in front from reclining is a Godsend. My upper leg is already longer than the distance between the back of my seat and the seat in front, so my legs are jammed in up and at a side angle. The seats not going anywhere because of that, but it is super painful when someone tries to lean back and then quickly slams their entire weight at the seat thinking it’s broken. I have tried asking the person in front of me not too recline, but frequently you run into people who forget and try to recline as a reflex and other people who assert that their “right” to recline is more important than my knees. (I have actually had to have medical treatment after a person in front of me on a long flight only spoke Spanish and could not understand when I tried to explain that the seat would not go back).

    I always ask for exit row and pay extra for them if the airlines allow it at booking, but sometimes it’s not an option. Many airlines reserve them for the higher-tiered frequent flyers and even with an offer of a doctor’s note, will not make them available.

    Bottom line, something like this could save certain people from serious injury. If the person in front has a legitimate medical need, this at least allows time for a stewardess to negotiate a seat change instead of having to deal with the sudden impact of the seat back.

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