Turn An Old Contact Lens Case Into An Ear Bud Protector

If you're a contact lens wearer with a cluttered stockpile of extra lens cases, don't toss them out. Use them to protect your bud-style headphones. Instructables user Mowdish shows how to modify an old contact case to both stash your ear buds and keep the wires from getting tangled up. You simply cut away enough material from the side of the case to accommodate the stem of the ear bud when the cap is screwed back on. As shown in the photo above, you can cut away the plastic to make a perfectly sized slot for your particular style of ear buds. Not a contact wearer, or not sure where to drum up a contact case you can mod? Try asking real friendly-like at an optical store, or check out some previously posted methods for keeping your headphones tangle free—the DIY ear bud cord caddy is a starter. more details and pictures, check out Mowdish's full tutorial below. Thanks Adam!


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