The Noir Cubicle

Lifehacker reader Brad Lucid completely flipped his cookie cutter cubicle with a small amount of effort and a dramatic colour shift.

How dramatic? Like most cubicles across the land, Brad's cubicle was a bland affair of generic speckled-grey modular panels. He tacked black fabric over the paneling—easy to do, since the walls of most cubicles are essentially giant bulletin boards—and added two small accent lamps with bold red shades. The black fabric does enough to dampen the overhead lighting, so the lamps have a chance to really add a visual punch to the workspace. Originally supplied with only a laptop, Brad further tweaked his workspace for comfort by bringing an LCD monitor from home and adding an ergonomic keyboard. Where is all the paper? Brad's a web developer, so he rarely handles actual paper, save for preparing things to go out in the mail.

To fully appreciate the departure from Cubicleville Brad too, check out the before picture to the right showing just how sterile and uninviting his cube was before updated things.


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