Stop The iPhone’s AutoCorrect Feature Ruining Your SMS Messages

iPhone3G.jpgLifehacker reader and IT consultant Alex C writes in with this useful tip for iPhone users:

I am a bilingual Aussie and often have to type SMS in another language which is really annoying with the autocorrect feature trying to sub in English words all the time. Rather than switching the Autocorrect on/off constantly, I found it easier to type a single character in the SMS pane, like a ‘z’, and then move the cursor immediately in front of this letter. This then disables the autocorrect because it knows you are not at the end of the word and won’t try replacing it. After typing the entire SMS with the ‘z’ at the end, simply remove the letter and SEND. Ta-da!

I haven’t been able to test this myself (the iPhone and I were never meant to be together), but it sounds a handy hint. Thanks Alex!


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