Shorter Bookmark Names Work Better In Chrome

LHChrome.jpgReader Filip writes in with a tip for Chrome users that's obvious when you've thought of it but pretty useful if you haven't:

A tip for fitting more bookmarks in the Google chrome bookmarks bar. Make the name shorter: Lifehacker > LH , Kotaku > K1 , Photobucket > PB. You can easily fit 20+ bookmarks in a single bookmark bar. If you know the icon by heart, you don't even need the name, just the icon -then you can fit 40+.


    A good tip. I do the same thing in Firefox's Bookmark Toolbar. I currently have 25 bookmarks across a 1400x900 laptop screen... Very helpful!

    This works with firefox too. My bookmark toolbar has only been favicons for a looooong time.

    I also have no text at all, just have the website logo icons.
    I fit in 20 single links, and 8 named folders on my 1152px wide screen. I use the folders like menus, and never use the bookmarks menu at all any more.

    I win! I have 26 (Firefox/Chrome and IE) - but why have any name if its got a favicon. Instant one click to my mail, teev, torrents,storage, img editing, facebook. I thought everyone did it.
    I give my main three bookmark folders names which put them at the top of the bookmark list - like "AA Start" and "All News".

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