Score Cheap Newspapers (If You’re A Student)

Score Cheap Newspapers (If You’re A Student)

We’re constantly being told that newspaper audiences are shifting from print to online, so it’s no surprise that publishers are trying to hook university students — who may be as poor as church mice now but who are likely to earn a decent sum in the future — as early as possible. Both Fairfax (which publishes The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age) and News Limited (which publishes The Australian) are offering ludicrous on-campus discounts for newspapers ($30 or $40 respectively for the academic year). You have to be willing to pick up the weekday papers on campus, but at these prices, that’s not much of a sacrifice.


  • These deals are getting expensive. When I was in undergrad News Limited offered these cards for the Herald Sun for $2 for the first year raising to $15 by the time I was in 5th year.

  • I’m not sure what sort of deal they’ve got going, but at least at Flinders in Adelaide any student can fill out a form to get a sticker on their student ID card. When presented they receive a free Advertiser on campus.

    Free newspapers are also given when someone buys a coffee, though occasionally the staff will give them out when you buy anything else.

    If only the Advertiser had more comics.

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