SBS Channel Shift Might Necessitate A Retune

sbslogo.jpgLast week, SBS upgraded its digital transmitters around the country. The practical consequence? The station can now differentiate its broadcasts for different regional areas, offers full 720p resolution on its HD channel and now has a seven-day EPG. The downside? You might need to retune your set-top box, digital TV or PVR/media centre software to match the new requirements. If your equipment gives you grief in this respect, the SBS how-to linked below has contact details for most TV manufacturers.


    umm what link????

    And the SBS link is where, or do I need to retune my browser..? :p

    I see no link to an SBS how-to??

    Linked below? Where?

    Apologies everyone -- HTML stuffup with the link. Should be fixed now.

    Full 720p? Only? I wish we had more 1080i/p content, but then again, given the tiny bitrates they encode it at (and sucky mpeg2 codec) I suppose that it wouldn't really be that much better quality...

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