Protect Your Privacy When Using Google Latitude

Protect Your Privacy When Using Google Latitude

Like the look of newly released Google Latitude but creeped out by the privacy implications? This video demonstrates how to set and control your privacy settings with Latitude so your location info remains under your control.


  • Looks similar to Vodafone’s Pocket Life service but I will give it a go as I like these location based services.

    Not really creepy as you fully need to turn on your phone and get a GPS lock before your location is shared.

    If you are scared of big brother tracking you then throw out your mobile as with cell tower triangulation you can be pinpointed down to a building better than GPS which doesn’t work indoors.

  • I tested Google latitude and over the weekend. Google is creepy – it suggests to add all my 500 gmail ‘friends’ to share my location – yeah right!!? Pocket Life ssems to take a much more cautious approach here, i can group my friends and have the option to share stuff an a more granualr level – makes me feel safer with my privacy protected. lets see how this market will evolve…

  • although Google will rule eventually: at the moment you can’t compare Latitude to Pocket Life since Latitude comes across way inferior to Pocket Life or Loopt. Guess in the end the whole location based services theme will become part of our life anyway – it’ll be just the old question again if all data should be in the hand of Google…

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