Microsoft Releases Outlook Patch, Can't Decide If It's Essential Or Experimental

03OutlookStability.jpg Microsoft has released a "cumulative update" designed to improve performance in Outlook 2007, with claimed improvements in start-up times and overall stability as well as some bug fixes. But just how well-tested is it? The Microsoft Office Outlook team blog proclaims that the patch "should address many concerns for both individual users and those managing large deployments of Outlook alike" and boasts "your daily experience with Outlook will be greatly improved". However, the download page is rather more circumspect, warning against installation unless you've experienced some highly specific symptoms (rather than the random crashes which are part and parcel of Outlook usage for most of us). Given that ambivalence, I'm holding off for a day or two; if you give the patch a try, let us know if it makes any difference in the comments.


    It did take a while to set up after the install (it prepares your PST files "for first use" - strange!), but overall the Outlook 2007 experience is improved.

    Sounds bad, but it hasn't crashed once since I installed the patch. It's a great piece of software, functionality-wise, but sometimes it just doesn't work...

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