Merge Multiple Emails To One Contact In Gmail

If today's Google Sync announcement has convinced you that it's time to move your contact management to Google servers, you probably need to do a little housekeeping with your Gmail contacts first. For example, if you're staring in the face of numerous duplicate contacts that should represent the same person, the built-in contact merge feature in Google Contacts is a must. Just find the duplicate contacts, tick their checkboxes, and click "Merge these contacts...." Easy peasy. To manage your contacts, either head to the Contacts page in Gmail or to the unadvertised standalone site. Thanks Michael!


    ahh that's what I need, have so many duplicates from my phone

    is there a way to keep the photo i had associated with that contact. i merged a bunch and all the photos for those people went away. i'm using Address Book on a mac, can i bring them back from there?

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