Melbourne Blackout Wrecks Internet Everywhere

Melbourne Blackout Wrecks Internet Everywhere

PowerCut.jpg Last week’s heatwave was clearly bad news for residents of Melbourne, Adelaide and everywhere in between, but it also turned out to be bad news for Internet users over a much wider area. Dan Warne at APC reports that a power outage in Primus’ Melbourne data centre affected service from several ISPS relying on the PIPE Internet exchange, with potentially hundreds of thousands of customers being affected. Did you have a heatwave net outage? Share your survival tactics in the comments.


  • Used Optus broadband over the recent heatwave and did not experience any problems during the times I logged on.
    (I have no affinity to Optus, other than a customer)

  • I’m an iPrimus Sydney customer and our services has been CRAPPY during the heat. I was planning a BIG complaint today, but this does help explain things.

  • Lost cable internet, phone line and Cable tv, all Optus. Rang them to see what was going on and they were unaware of any problems!!! Customer service rang me following day to see if it was back on and wanted to know why I didn’t have optus mobile and tried to sign me up. Top outfit.

  • All Internode service to Tassie was cut off for hours, not sure about the other ISPs. Could still access the web through Telstra on my mobile though.
    And they had the audacity to whinge about us not giving them power through Basslink. Cheeky b*stards.

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