Make Chicken Stock Like A Pro

Make Chicken Stock Like A Pro

Stock, the infusion of meat remainders, vegetables, and other ingredients into water, is always on-hand in gourmet kitchens. Learn how to make it in your own home for better, healthier, and more environmentally-friendly meals.

Daniel Ahern, chef and husband of Gluten-Free Girl blogger Shauna James Ahern, details how to make slow, seriously flavorful chicken stock in this video tutorial. Other than making sure it doesn’t boil, stock is a mostly hands-off, wait and see kind of kitchen project, and it’s easily frozen in individual parcels for recipes and soups down the line. And as almost any chef will tell you, the stuff you make at home allows for far more customisation—in health or flavor—than the canned or boxed stuff.

Watch a chef make stock in his home kitchen below:

Gather ’round the pot and drop your favourite uses for stock or broth in the comments below.

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