Library Elf Tracks Your Book-Borrowing Activities

Library Elf Tracks Your Book-Borrowing Activities

LibraryElf.jpgIf you’ve taken to visiting the local library as a means of cutting down on book clutter, you could well be faced with a new organisational challenge: keeping track of which books you and family members have due. While most libraries offer online tracking for books these days, if you’re using multiple libraries or can’t get email reminders, then Library Elf could be useful. The basic free service send email reminders for due dates, but is restricted to just one library; there’s an optional premium service if you regularly haunt multiple libraries, and which is also available from participating “subscriber” libraries without cost. By my count, there’s 57 Australian libraries currently included in the service. If you’ve got another tactic for making sure you don’t get hit with overdue fees, share it in the comments. Thanks Tim!


  • I just discovered last week that my library offer Library Elf and signed up straight away.

    My library already notifies me via email when books that I’ve placed on hold are available, yet has no automated method to inform me when they need to be returned. Of course creating calendar reminders is a valid option, but if I can get the reminders without having to do think about it then all the better.

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