Home Internet Costs Still On The Rise


Competition is meant to keep prices down, but in a distorted market like Internet services in Australia it’s not entirely surprising that hasn’t happened. AAP reports that a survey conducted by AAPT shows that the average home phone and Internet bill has risen $44 in the past year, and that a third of households try and restrict their usage to control bills. Are you paying more for Internet access, or have you found a way to get more for less?


  • We’re looking to move into a new house and are considering the options. It looks like the cheapest internet available to us will be $15 dearer per month than when we last signed up a few years ago. Shouldn’t this be getting cheaper?

  • Why are people compelled to use a phone? Save money; email – noone cares why you’re calling anyway…

    Also, call your provider (calling is necessary in this case). Tell them that you aren’t happy with the cost of your service and ask what they can offer you. Do this once a month. It’s surprising how well this works.

    The reason prices go up is because they can – no one in Australia cares enough to make noise about it, so prices continue to rise.

  • I just moved to Australia from the UK and I got the shock of my life when I seen the price of broadband here. I signed up with Internode which is 25gb, $89 month.

    Back in the UK I could practically get free broadband with my mobile phone contract. I was paying $40, UNLIMITED a month.

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