Google Chrome Development Builds Get Full-Screen Mode

Windows only: The latest cutting-edge developer build of Google Chrome adds a new full-screen mode accessible through the F11 key. There's no UI—just a full-screen browser window with a scrollbar, so you'll have to take it out of full-screen mode to enter a new URL (though you can open a new tab with Ctrl+T and search from there). You'll need to download the Google Chrome Channel Chooser and switch to the Dev channel to get the latest updates if you're brave enough to deal with potential problems of an experimental build. [via CNet]


    i have not tried google chrome yet. I will have to try it, i think sooner or later. i use firefox and believe that if it is not broke then don't fix it.

    We're trying to implement more comfortable features within the next or the very next build; Be patient! ;-D

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