Eye Relax Reminds You to Stop Burning Your Eyes Out

Eye Relax Reminds You to Stop Burning Your Eyes Out

Windows only: Eye Relax is a small Windows application that reminds you to take a break from the computer and give your eyes a much needed break. Many programs designed as break reminders are simply timers under a different name, but Eyes Relax has a host of unique features that put it one step beyond. In addition to the basic setup, where you plug in your work period and break time lengths, you can also customise how Eyes Relax shows up to enforce eyeball rest: a balloon tip in the system tray, a screen blank-out, or a pre-selected image pop-in. There’s also a “parent mode” where you can set a password to lock the reminder screen—which would certainly put an end to dinner-time calls of “Just five more minutes!” One of the handiest features by far however is the ability to save the settings as profiles. When you’re poring over minute edits and restoration in Photoshop, for example, it fatigues your eyes much quicker than casual web browsing. Eye Relax is freeware, Windows only.


  • Workrave does this, and then some: it is GPL and runs on linux and windows. Gives you exercises to do (should you want them) and is networked in case you use several computers at once and want the all to sync their lock-outs.

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