eBay Delays Switch To New My eBay Interface

ebay.gifThis week was supposed to mark eBay Australia's switching off its old My eBay interface for buyers and sellers in favour of a new, more customised design, but at the last minute, eBay appears to have changed its mind, delaying the compulsory rollout to the ever-present and unspecified "soon" and letting users continue to use the old version. Perhaps the auction giant has learned something from last year's botched search rollout.


    I'm a long time ebayer - fed up of course, as any rational person would be, on the constant and changing beta tests that ebay's put us through (why couldn't they just do a release - ebay 2.0? - or is that too organized? If they had it'd be easier to roll back - oh well.

    Anyway, for a variety of reasons (mostly it just doesn't help what I do on ebay - it actually makes things more difficult) I don't like the new MY EBAY page - I find though, that ebay.ca (the Canadian site) still has the old setup - I'd urge your readers to go there and enjoy it while it lasts - all other ebay functions and abilities work the same so there's no downside to using ebay.ca. Logon is the same, same searches etc. Looks like Ebay Australia is the same - great!

    Wouldn't it be nice to have an ebay classic site somewhere...maybe Australia - get a lot more traffic through the site if it were.

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