DVDs Toswap Lets You Trade Those Unwanted Movies

DVDtoswap.jpg Finished with that DVD movie you got cheaply in the pre-Christmas sales and don't know what to do with them? A free DVD swap site might be just the ticket. Creator Matthew Hollingworth takes up the story:

The site is pretty straightforward; it lets users list DVDs that they no longer want, and swap them directly with other site users. The site finds swaps for you automatically, so it is easy to use. There are no costs of any kind (except for postage when a swap is made) and no advertising. (i.e. I'm not making any money off it!) Users can also swap Xbox, Playstation and Wii games (each under a separate subdomain). There are a few similar sites in other parts of the world, but none in Australia that I could find. Admittedly, the site does look a bit lame at the moment as there are no DVDs yet! I do think it has the potential to be useful for a lot of people though.

If you want to trade a DVD, this seems like a sensible idea — so let's see if the "Lifehacker effect" can create a market.


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