Don't Get Too Excited By 21Mbps Next G

The good news? Telstra has, as anticipated, announced that its Next G network has been upgraded and is now capable of speeds up to 21Mbps. The bad news? It's neither as fast or as available as you think. To quote the press release:

At launch, the 21Mbps rated modems will be available to some business customers, with a consumer offering available in April. Customers with these devices will see typical download speeds ranging up to 8Mbps.

In short: it's not quite as fast as it sounds, and it's not available yet. But Lifehacker will certainly be testing it when it is.


    even if it is fast and reliable i wouldn't switch to telstra out of principle.

    If its anything like their 8000/364 that can't average 2000, all one can say is buyer beware, because one thing that is certain is that Sol and his band of banditos will charge you like the proverbial.

    You say, the mobile download speed is ONLY 1 megabyte/sec?

    What service are you comparing it too?

    What speeds are you seeing on your DSL or cable service?

    This reminds me of You surely come from the land of plenty if you complain about 1 MB/s mobile bandwidth.

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