Do You Switch Off Your Mobile Phone When Asked?

Do You Switch Off Your Mobile Phone When Asked?

BlackBerryStorm.jpgIt’s a familiar call at the start of any conference: switch off your mobile or at least put it in silent. But does anyone ever bother? A survey by a UK conference centre suggests not: 75% of attendees left their phones on regardless of requests, and of that group, 40% check their email at least once every half an hour. I know I’m guilty of doing that. Is it now acceptable to check your email or phone during a conference, or do I need to get better manners?


  • I have noticed an increased acceptance of mobile usage during larger meetings/conferences. In fact if you are waiting on something urgently and in a small meeting dealing with people you deal with on a regular basis i have noticed people now pre warn that they may be interrupted, in a larger meeting people often leave to answer calls.

  • I was able to exist prior to the common availability of mobile’s, and I look on any time I have an excuse to turn the darn thing off as a blessing.

    Why would one find it so important to receive calls during an exam for example, a business meeting I can understand if your business relies on being contactable, but I’d suggest many often do not need to take calls at times such as those mentioned.

  • I put my phone on silent, and if i have to take a call I leave the room/theatre/whatever.

    My only problem is that I often forget too put the ringer back on afterwards. I really wish phones would come with a feature to put the phone on silent with a countdown timer and then it automatically turns the ringer back on when the time is up.

  • Working in IT for an emergency response department I always put mine on silent. I need to be contactable in case there is an emergency. The only time i will switch the phone off is on a plane or hospital where there “could” be a chance of interupting instruments.

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