DIY IKEA Cat Litter Box

DIY IKEA Cat Litter Box

UndersinkLitterbox.JPGCat litter boxes stink, cats kick stuff out of them, and they take up valuable space in a cramped apartment. (Can you tell I’m not a fan?) However, if you do need an indoor toilet for your feline, then the IKEA Hacker blog has a pretty neat take on building one that can fit in your bathroom, by cutting a door into an $8 Snalis storage box from IKEA (and adding the $2 lid). If you’ve got another way of making pet toilets less intrusive, share it in the comments.


  • An even better solution is to train your cats to use the toilet like a pro.

    My girlfriend and I just got Litter Kwitter for our two 4mth old kittens, and over the next few months, we’ll be training them to perch on an add-on toilet seat, and do their biz in the toilet bowl.

    If a bag of litter costs $5, and lasts 4 changes. Changing weekly (on top of spot-cleaning) means $5 a month for roughly 15 more years (ie, $900) has been saved, not to mention cleaning and smell!

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