Did Google Really Fix The Gmail Outage?

Did Google Really Fix The Gmail Outage?

googlemailerror.jpgAfter reading the accounts on Lifehacker and elsewhere of how Gmail had suffered an outage which had allegedly since been fixed, I decided to visit my relatively unused Gmail account. I logged in OK, but as soon as I tried to send myself a file, I got the error message you can see in the screenshot. Doesn’t entirely fill me with confidence that Google’s really got to the bottom of the problem yet. (The connection worked fine on every other site I tried, include Google itself.) Yeah, I know: all email servers have outages, it’s free so what do you expect?, etc. But it’s a reminder again that putting all your eggs in Google’s basket could occasionally be troublesome, no how matter you love the Big G’s services when they work.


  • I’ve heard many bad things about IMAP support through gmail, but as I just use web or pop3 with gmail, I can’t comment on this.

    The last few days, both gmail accounts I use have been behaving a trifle flaky, occasionally telling me my internet must be having problems or something such. One unable to send email for a period of about 6 hours, even though the other seemed to work fine for that whole particular time.

  • Gmail managed to time their outage just as I was setting up the Offline function causing all sorts of confusion.
    Certainly made me re consider my eggs and which basket as you remark Angus

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