DealDump Aggregates Multiple Australian Bargain Sites

dealdump.pngThere are plenty of good sites tracking bargains and freebies for Australian consumers, but keeping track of them can be a full-time task in itself, even if an RSS feed is provided. DealDump aggregates information from several local deal hunting sites (including OzBargain, Buckscoop and RetailMeNot) , as well as a healthy selection of one-day offer sites (including Zazz, Catch Of The Day, TopBuy, OO and OzStock). The result is a single-page summary of current hot deals: handy if you're hunting for bargains but not seeking a particular product. As the OzBargain Blog suggests, a useful enhancement would be to incorporate combined user feedback from sites that support ratings, but even without it, this is still a good bookmark for bargain hunters in a hurry.


    Pfft, no RSS feed on DealDump. Lame.

    Doesn't show latest listings: FAIL!

    @Anthony Agius: RSS feeds are on the way.

    @Markov Debieste: Bargains are updated every 15 minutes. Let me know what wasn't the latest for you

    Thanks for your comments.
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    What about this website:

    @Igal: failed to load content.

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