Blueman 1.0 Brings Better Bluetooth To Linux

Blueman 1.0 Brings Better Bluetooth To Linux

Linux only: Blueman, the Bluetooth manager for many Linux desktops, has update to provide a friendlier, easier means of connecting your phones, earpieces, and even 3G-connected devices to your system. The basic functionality of Blueman remains the same, with file swapping, audio connections, and input devices like mice and keyboards all managed from a system tray icon. But the menus and spelled-out options have improved considerably, as detailed at Blueman’s screenshot gallery, and a good number of bug fixes are thrown in, naturally. Ubuntu users can add Blueman’s PPA repository to their sources lists and update to get the 1.0 download; other distributions shouldn’t have too much trouble with the source package. Blueman is a free download for Linux systems only. Note: Screenshot from Blueman page; I got my Verizon VX8300 hooked up with Blueman, but it’s too restricted and wonky to offer any fancy details.


  • Hi. I am comparatively new t Linux. Tried few flavors and settled for Ubuntu. I recently upgraded my Hardy to Intrepid. Then upgraded to kernel 2.6.29.
    No doubt that 8.10 is improved in terms of visual effects and performance, but stable features from 8.04 are not stable here. There is problem with bluez package. The comp detects the other bluetooth device but doesn’t connect. But when the connection is initialized from phone the pairing happens but the computer is not able to get the service list. even with the blueman package the problem is not sorted out.

    does any one has a fix for this problem?

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