Before And After: Barren Attic To Programmer’s Paradise

Before And After: Barren Attic To Programmer’s Paradise

Mitch was tired of travelling for work. After logging over 80,000 miles flying between Boston and San Jose, Calif., he hung up his frequent flyer wings and built an amazing home office.

After making do over the years with offices that were never just right for his needs, Mitch decided to remodel his attic into a workspace that fit. The entire room was taken down to the studs, as seen in the picture above, , and then rebuilt complete with new wiring, proper insulation, and a fine attention to detail. The new office has a server closet, spacious desks to house the six (not kidding) monitors Mitch uses for development. Check out the great diagram he created that shows off the layout of the office in an exploded-parts-diagram style:

Mitch received so many questions about his office he set up a small FAQ page to answer them all. In response to someone suggesting, somewhat understandably, that his office was a bit over the top, he wrote:

It is. But it’s fun. I’m in here 60-80 hours a week right now. It’s way less depressing than long hours in a cube farm with an uncomfortable desk and phone books to boost the monitor height. Since I work at home, I don’t get to play in a data centre of prototypes systems, so I had to build my own small data centre. 😉

Seriously, after many years of programming at tables that were the wrong height, looking at small monitors, listening to loud computers, typing on vanilla cramped keyboards that hurt my shoulders, sitting in falling-apart chairs, I decided I’d have enough.

Who can argue with that? For more great pictures of Mitch’s office, along with more detailed information about the methods he used and the hardware he’s running, make sure to check out his office FAQ, linked below.

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